ML-AIM Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Research Laboratory led by Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar

  PI Mihaela van der Schaar - Recent grants (Past 5 years)

  • Cystic Fibrosis Trust Award 2017
    (Single Investigator)

  • British Heart Foundation-Turing Cardiovascular Data Science Award 2017
    (Co-Investigator, 2 Investigators)

  • EPSRC - New Approaches to Data Science (see [link])
    (Team of 11 Statisticians and Bio-Statisticians + M. van der Schaar on Machine learning)

  • NSF Personalized Real-time Learning of Optimal Diagnostic Tests using Multi-Modal Clinical Data, USA National Science Foundation,
    (NSF - 1722516), (Co-Investigator, 2 Investigators)

  • The Mathematics of Data Science (US Office of Naval Research)
    (Single Investigator)

  • NSF Networks: Evolution, Learning and Social Norms,
    (NSF 1524417), (Single Investigator)

  • NSF EAGER-DynamicData: Real-time Discovery and Timely Event Detection from Dynamic and Multi-Modal Data Streams,
    (NSF 1462245), (Single Investigator)

  • NSF Human-Centered Smart-Integration of Mobile Imaging and Sensing Tools with Machine Learning for Ubiquitous Quantification of Waterborne and Airborne Nanoparticles,
    (NSF 1533983), (Co-Investigator, 2 Investigators)

  • NSF Online Learning in Big-Data Stream Mining,
    (NSF 1407712) , (Co-Investigator, 2 Investigators)

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